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Jacksonville Badminton Club If you're looking for club times, locations or tips on becoming a better player, you've come to the right place.  
I am not a YMCA member.  Can I play at Jacksonville Badminton Club?  Yes.  You can play as YMCA’s a single day visit for $15.  Or you can join as YMCA’s Badminton-Only Program for $38 a month.  Note: Badminton-Only Program: You will not allow to use YMCA’s equipments or facilities other than playing badminton games. I am a YMCA member.  Do I still need to pay Jacksonville Badminton Club?  No.  If you’re already a YMCA member as Winston Family branch-only membership or FFC Florida’s First Coast membership, you don’t need to pay. I want to join, but I also want to try it first.  What is the next step?  You can visit us on Sundays; the first visit is FREE. Anything else do I need on the first visit?  A racket, shuttles, non-marking shoes, exercise clothing, etc.  But we suggest you come on Sunday games because more badminton courts are available for game play and practicing. I don't have my own racket and shuttles.  Can I still play at Jacksonville Badminton Club?  Our club has used shuttles for visitors to play.  We encourage you have your own racket. I don't have a racket.  What can I buy it?  You can buy it from online or from a local tennis store.  I would suggest that you consult the club officials, the club experienced players or check the reviews for the product you want to buy before you order it.  See the LINKS & RESOURCES page for detail. I don't have shuttles.  Where can I buy them?  You can buy it from online or from a local tennis store.  A local tennis store, Go Pro Tennis, provides limited supplies.  See the LINKS page for detail. Where can I have my racket restringing?  A local tennis store, Go Pro Tennis, provides professional restringing service.  See the LINKS page for detail. What kind of shuttles does the club use?  Feather. What kind of playing format are the club use?  We play the double game mainly.  And we don't use any queuing system; the games are formed by members in the voluntary way.
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Location & Schedule 221 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL (904) 355-1436   Tuesday 7pm - 10pm  Two (2) courts Available Thursday 7pm - 10pm Two (2) courts Available Sunday 2pm - 5pm Four (4) courts Available  
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